About Us

Our team came together to create unique, user-friendly, and high-quality products since 2015.Now we are exporting over 65 countries.

We have introduced great cinematic solutions such as Red Dot Award Winning Trexo ARC Gimbal,

World’s First Motion Control Equipped Gimbal Car Trexo MoCo Car which proven theirselves on the commercial film set around the world.

As Trexo Innovation we are producing cinema equipments for the last 5 years and our experienced team has packed unprecedented level of technology inside the Trexo Wheels.


Reddot Awarded Team

      As Trexo Innovation this is not our first cinematic equipment, in 2017 we granted RedDot Design Award with the World’s Fastest Gimbal Trexo ARC Gimbal. we are here to create the products engineered with our passionated team members for creative minds.

Backed With Kickstarter

In 2019 we introduced Trexo MoCo Car which is the World’s Motion Control Gimbal Car, which achieved great success on the Commercial Film Sets like Adidas. We have launched the TREXO WHEELS on Kickstarter, with a claim to be the World’s first Table Top Dolly equipped with Image Processing. nearly 1000 units sent all over the World.


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