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Sophisticated Paths Like No Other

Using camera path mode, you can define several key points to create sophisticated camera movement with the help of integrated image processing technology. Use straight, curved segments or a combination of both for multi point paths just in seconds.


360 Shots at Their Best
With Various Styles

While you can perform circular movement around any object you want with Trexo Wheels, you can also easily perform 360 degrees product shots and videos using the Turntable kit. You can either use the Turntable kit on a flat surface or on a tripod which will give you the freedom to shoot wherever you want. Turntable kit comes with black and white base plates for different setups.


Super Fast Programming
Without Mobile Device

Trexo Wheels can perform linear and circular movements without using a mobile device, the only thing you need to do is teach it the route you want it to perform and repeat as many times as you want with a single tap.


Just Set It and Forget It

Trexo Wheels comes with the Timelapse feature so you can turn linear, circular or multipoint paths to timelapse instantly, without dealing with any annoying calculations.


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