With Programmable Controller control every aspect of the car, Full Power Mode, Cinematic Mode, Precision Mode for different use purposes. On Full Power Mode MoCo Car can speed up to 40 Km/h. On Cinematic Mode more control can be achieved on slower speeds. On Slider Mode MoCo Car can be driven very slowly for extreme precise movement.

Unique Motion Control feature lets users, record and play up to 4 minutes of throttle, steering and height data with a tap of a single button.

Suspension on each wheel can be adjusted to have more stabilization on different environments. Independent adjustment can be done for each wheel.

Adjust the suspension rate on the Adjustable Shock Absorber to fine tune the balance for different payloads with respect to the camera setups and different usage scenarios.

Power up your accessories such as cameras, wireless transmitters up to 3 amp 45 watts with 2 built-in D-Tap ports for better cable management to get most of your setup.

Elevation Module helps MoCo Car to operate between 130cm to 180cm for different angles with smooth transition.

Moco Car Size (L x W x H)

750mm x 550mm x 250mm

Moco Car Weight

19 Kg / 41,8 Ibs

Shock Absorber Size (L x W x H)

400mm x 280mm x 220mm

Shock Absorber Weight

5,6 kg / 12,3 lbs

Elevation Module Size (L x W x H)

480mm x 110mm x 570mm

Elevation Module Weight

12 kg / 26,4 lbs

Payload (w/Shock Absorber)

15 kg / 33 lbs

Payload (w/Elevation Module)

20 kg / 44 lbs


Aluminium Chasis, Ball Bearings, Adjustable Springs

Accessory Ports

2 x 3/8” -16 & 2x 1/4”-8


6S 6250 mAh Li-Po

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