Trexo Remote Controller


Unlimited Control

Connect your Trexo Gimbal with a single tap, from the colored touch screen and with the comfortable Joystick, control Trexo Gimbal’s pan and tilt axises precisely for dual operator scenarios.

Tech Specs

Accessory Ports

1x 3/8″- 16 / 1x 1/4″- 8


14.8V 3400 mAh Li-ion


2×4 kg/cm (pitch & roll)
1×6 kg/cm (yaw)


Aluminium Chasis Carbon Fiber Handles


6 kg / 13,2 Ibs


3,5 kg /7,7 Ibs

Mimic Control

Switch to Mimic Mode with a single switch, activate or deactivate any axis you want for precise movement and unseen experience.

Follow Focus Ready

Trexo Remote Controller is Follow Focus ready. Just connect the follow focus to your gimbal and start controlling it with your Trexo Remote Controller without making any pairing.

Control Panel

See and control every aspect of your Trexo Gimbal in a single well design remote controller. Independent control knobs lets you control the smoothness, speed and the orientation of each axis.

Remote Control


Unleash your full potential by personalize your workflow with the Trexo Products. Having your Trexo Gimbal with fully controllable Remote Control & Follow Focus with a World’s first Motion Control equipped Gimbal Car will elevate the production quality to maximum.

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