360 Shots

360 Shots

360 Shots are great especially for products and can be used very creative ways on modern video culture. In the full kit Trexo Wheels comes with the turntable base,1 black and 1 white plexiglass turntable plates.

You can program the Trexo Wheels for a 360 shot on the Circular movement menu on the Trexo Wheels App. By simply setting the radius of the Trexo Wheels to 0 you will program Trexo Wheels to move around itself.

You can set the duration for desired motion you would like to have and create a 360 video instantly. Besides shooting a 360 video of product you can also use Trexo Wheels to shoot a 360 video of the environment by simply mounting the Trexo Wheels on top of a tripod with the help of the Turntable Plate.

With this feature you will be able to have a perfect pan motion and have a panoramic shot, which will be great to show more about the place.

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