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Trexo Wheels

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What's in the Box?

Trexo Wheels
Flex Arm
Phone Holder
Type-C Charge Cable
Launch Pad


3D Model Preview

Motion Control for Everyone

Whether used as a standalone device or controlled through the Trexo Wheels app, your photography or videography projects just became much more enjoyable to produce. Utilizing the Wheels is as simple as it gets, yet remarkably powerful!

360 Photography Done Right

With Trexo Wheels, you have the flexibility to execute circular movements around any object of your choice and achieving captivating 360-degree product shots and videos is a breeze with the Turntable kit.

Learning Mode

With the two capacitive buttons onboard, program your Wheels without the need for a mobile device and perform Linear or Circular movements.

2 Degrees of Freedom Motion

Circular Motion

Create Orbiting Shots around a subject or Use the Wheels as a motorized panning device effortlessly.

Linear Motion

Create Linear movement for dynamic shots; Anything including and in between Dolly in/out and sliding shots are possible.

Record & Play Back

Control, record, play back and repeat your desired motions using the app for up to two minutes.

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Precise, Repeatable Motion

Repeatable Motion

Incorporate some masking techniques in your preferred video editing software to impress your audience effortlessly!

Just Set It And Forget It

Trexo Wheels comes with the Timelapse feature so you can turn linear, circular or multipoint paths to timelapse instantly, without dealing with any annoying calculations.

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Motion Control Software Integration

For professional stop motion animations, you can use the Dragonframe software and unleash the full potential of 3 Axis Motion Control for your Stop Motion Animation Projects.

Multipoint Paths

Create multipoint paths using your mobile phone's camera for your Wheels to follow. Combine straight and circular paths to create sophisticated paths in seconds.

Built Like A Tank

With a body made of solid aluminum premium machined parts Trexo Wheels ensures durability without the battle scars.

Unparalleled Precision in its Class

Utilizing two ultra-silent stepper motors with micro-stepping technology, enjoy 52000 steps/revolution, or as slow as 0.7mm/sec speeds with amazing repeatability for layered shots.

Tech Specs

Size (L x W x H)

7.9" x 2.95" x 1.58"
200 mm x 75 mm x 40 mm

Max Speed

0.98 inch/sec (25 mm/sec)

Min Speed

0.027 inch/sec (0.7 mm/sec)

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