Converta 400 / Pre-order

Converta 400 / Pre-order

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What's in the Box?

Converta 400
Turntable Plate
Type-C Charge Cable

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3D Model Preview

Mechanical Auto Pan

With a simple adjustment to the auto pan rod, get super convenient slide-pan shots, perfect for B-Rolls and Timelapse videos.

Unlock 3-Axis Capabilities with Single Pan/Tilt Module

Taking advantage of the Mechanical Auto Pan feature, add only one Pan/Tilt module to get 3-Axis shots, or add two to get true programmable 3-Axis functionality.

Pan/Turntable Feature

Create motion controlled panning shots or 360° product videos, without the need for extra modules or equipment as the Trexo Converta has built-in rotary attachment points that you can use vertically or horizontally.

Automatic Face Tracking

Trexo Converta keeps you in frame effortlessly thanks to its Automatic Face Tracking feature. Blogging got that much easier!

Remotely Controlwith the Converta App

For complicated motions the Trexo Slider App comes in handy. Move the Slider and ReVo modules to desired point with the toggles and click the plus button to set your point. You can add thumbnails to the points for easy reference.

Accessory Ports

Add additional equipment like lights and microphones, or use it as a control center for your mobile app experience. The Accessory Ports feature four 1/4” UNC Threads to mount anything you might need during filming.

Tech Specs

Operating Length:

40 cm /16"

Load Capacity Horizontal:

8 kg / 15 lbs

Load Capacity Inclined (22.5 Degree):

2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs

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