Trexo Rig-it Bundles

Trexo Rig-it Bundles

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What's in the Box?

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Introducing Trexo Rig-it!

Trexo Rig-it helps you have professional results with a much more comfortable experience. Its versatile design allows Trexo Rig-it to be used with a variety of smartphones, cameras and accessories.

Main Features


Compatible with MagSafe Chargers

Our special phone holder design allows space for a MagSafe charger while keeping a black light-proof rubber seal around your phone's cameras. You can also use your favourite phone case while operating!

Keep on Filming Without Worries

Trexo Rig-it lets you have additional shooting time with a built in battery hidden neatly inside its handle.
5000mAh total battery capacity
USB-C port in the handle allows charging/powering compatible devices
Battery level indicator lights show charge level at a quick glance

Always Ready for Action

Trexo Rig-it is designed to evolve your everyday smartphone to a fully equipped camera solution. The M52x1 threaded adjustable lens/filter mount lets you mount different lenses and filters directly to your rig for better visuals. You do not need any tools to mount your phone to Trexo Rig-it, it's always ready for shooting.

Make Rig-it Your Own!

Both handles can be removed for single handed operations and can be mounted on top of a tripod and become a compact camera rig with an additional battery feature. You can either use Trexo Rig-it handheld or use it as a tabletop stand.


Add And Remove Bits With Ease

With the help of 12x 1/4" and 4x 3/8" mounting threads, two cold shoe mounts on the top plate and one cold shoe mount on the phone holder you can mount many standard camera accessories at once to your rig such as camera lights, microphones, receivers.


Maximize Your Creativity

The wide frame of Trexo Rig-it can accomodate a huge range of add-ons and large equipment.

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