ProKit V2

ProKit V2

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What's in the Box?

1 x Trexo Slider XL
2 x Pan/Tilt Module
2 x Feet
1 x L bracket
1 x Usb Type C Cable
1 x Soft Case

3D Model Preview

Take Your Vision to New Lengths


Storytelling in Every Dimension

Take Trexo Slider to incline mode directly from the onboard menu and make Trexo Slider perform incline/vertical shots. You can activate the super slow mode and the incline mode directly from the onboard menu.

Time in Motion

Trexo Slider comes with the Timelapse feature so you can turn linear or multipoint paths to timelapse instantly, without dealing with any annoying calculations.

Motion and Rotation

While the Slider approaches on a single axis, you can use the Pan Module to rotate the product. This idea adds a third dimension to the rotating motion and allows you to shoot extremely creative videos.

Ready, Set, Create:
In Seconds

Teach by Hand in Seconds

Teach by hand and put the motion on repeat, toggle incline mode, loop mode and more using the onboard controls.

One Tap Away

Control your ProKit V2 Using the mobile app to unleash the full potential of the beast!

Use Standalone with Onboard Menu

It’s not required to use the phone app with Trexo ProKit V2. Easily program basic motions and change modes directly from the onboard menu.

Always in View

Keep yourself in frame effortlessly using the automatic face tracking feature on the Trexo Slider App (iOS only).

Instant Time Travel

Trexo Slider comes with the Timelapse feature so you can turn linear or multipoint paths to timelapse instantly, without dealing with any annoying calculations.

Pro Camera Features

Access via the Trexo Slider App

Precision in Motion

Designed for precision and ease of use, this slider allows you to execute complex camera movements effortlessly. Perfect for achieving cinematic shots with smooth and repeatable tracking, panning, and tilting.

Smooth Vertical Moves and Turns

Get ready for effortless navigation and enhanced engagement with every slide and turn.

Repeatable Motion

Incorporate some masking techniques in your preferred video editing software to impress your audience effortlessly!

Extend Your Reach With the Slider App for Apple Watch

Easily mark start and end points with Engage Learning Mode's safe motor handling. Control movements from your Apple Watch, no phone required. Transform a pan/tilt module into a turntable with the app, allowing for easy rotation and speed adjustments.

Maximum Flexibility

With the redesigned Pan & Tilt Brackets its super convenient to mount DSLR’s and mobile phones in a number of orientations.The redesigned Pan & Tilt Bracket System allows you to easily mount any portable camera in the most suitable orientation for your needs, and the rulers let you adjust your camera position and easily reassemble your camera setup exactly how it was before.

Extend Your Shooting Time

Trexo Slider features a built-in battery for 6 hours of continuous operation. Extend shooting time effortlessly by connecting a power bank for perfect long Timelapse shots – a universal solution for extended creativity.

Ultra Versatile Operability

Trexo Slider offers versatile shooting options, allowing 90-degree vertical shots with any mirrorless camera. With its high-speed motor reaching up to 2.5cm per second, it ensures swift and precise movements.

Presets Anytime Anywhere

Explore new visual realms with the presets feature. Just record movements and share captivating camera motions with friends or elevate your next production with seamless presets.

Görsel Açıklaması

Motion Control Software Integration

For professional stop motion animations, you can use the Dragonframe software and unleash the full potential of 3 Axis Motion Control for your Stop Motion Animation Projects.

Tech Specs

Size (LxWxH):

550mm x 48mm x 55.5mm (12.9" x 1.91 x 2.2") - Slider XL V2
85mm x 76mm x 55mm (3.9" x 3" x 2.16") - Pan/Tilt Module

Operating Length:

40 cm /16"

Load Capacity Horizontal:

8 kg / 15 lbs

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