Timelapse Mode

Timelapse Mode

In this blog we will be taking a look to the Timelapse Feature on the Trexo Wheels.
Timelapse is a method of recording which ables us to show a long action in a much shorter time. Moving of the clouds, stars, showing the traffic or progress with much shorter time.
Trexo Wheels has industry standard 2.5mm shutter release port on the side. So you will be able to trigger the Shutter on your camera by programming the Trexo Wheels by the application.
In this mode app asks some simple questions to create easy Timelapse without making annoying and complex calculations. The movement starts with the simple linear or circular movement for the Trexo Wheels. So either choose a linear or circular movement and program the distance or degrees of the movement.
Then by simply tapping the Timelapse button you convert to movement to a Timelapse by using the same distance/degree and started to set the duration for the Timelapse video.

System asks for simple questions as following.
        1. The FPS you are working on your final video
        2. The duration of the final video
        3. Timelapse Duration
        4. Shutter Speed
    (L) = Length/Degrees of the movementBy these date system makes the following calculations.

            1. x (B) = Total Number of Frames to shoot.

    (C)= Duration of the Timelapse shot.

    (L) / Total Number of Frames to calculate the Step size.

    (D) to prevent motion blur for long exposure shots.
    Timelapse is still a powerful method to show long duration actions in short and beautiful way.

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