Slider V2

Slider V2

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What's in the Box?

Slider V2
Type-C Charge Cable


3D Model Preview

Comes in Two Sizes

Introducing Trexo Slider XL, the bigger sibling of Trexo Slider an ultimate motion control tool designed to take your creative vision to new lengths. With an extended travel length of 38.5cm(15.1"), Slider XL empowers you to capture the bigger picture and unlock a new world of possibilities.

Learning Mode

Teach by hand and put the motion on repeat, toggle incline mode, loop mode and more using the onboard controls.

Super Slow & Incline Mode

Take Trexo Slider to incline mode directly from the onboard menu and make Trexo Slider perform incline/vertical shots. You can activate the super slow mode and the incline mode directly from the onboard menu.


Trexo Slider comes with the Timelapse feature so you can turn linear or multipoint paths to timelapse instantly, without dealing with any annoying calculations.

Görsel Açıklaması

Flex Mount

With a knurled knob for secure holding, a wider and more stable design, and a built-in ruler for precise offset adjustments, the Flex Mount a significant upgrade from the previous version. Say hello to seamless, reliable camera mounting.

Adjustable Feet

Included in the Slider Pack&Go Bundle, Slider V2 comes with rubberized adjustable feet for enhanced stability. Take your shots to new heights with precision and confidence.

Görsel Açıklaması

Use Standalone with Onboard Menu

Trexo Slider offers seamless operation through its on-board menu. Program precise movements by teaching the slider start and stop points by hand or conveniently set them directly using the control panel to move the slider. Explore added features like incline and loop actions, easily programmed for a hassle-free shooting experience

Extend Your Shooting Time

Trexo Slider features a built-in battery for 6 hours of continuous operation. Extend shooting time effortlessly by connecting a power bank for perfect long Timelapse shots – a universal solution for extended creativity.

Ultra Versatile Operability

Trexo Slider offers versatile shooting options, allowing 90-degree vertical shots with any mirrorless camera. With its high-speed motor reaching up to 2.5cm per second, it ensures swift and precise movements.

Presets Anytime Anywhere

Explore new visual realms with the presets feature. Just record movements and share captivating camera motions with friends or elevate your next production with seamless presets.

Unique Mechanical Design

Trexo Slider’s leadscrew design eliminates the issues troubling belt-operated sliders such as jitters, jumps and vibrations and allows you to have precise speeds as slow as 0.001mm/second and as fast as 3cm/second. Trexo Slider is perfect for interviews and wildlife photography with its ultra quiet motor.

Pack & Go Bundle

With the included carrying case, store and access your Slider XL in a breeze. The Pack & Go case has additional spaces for the Trexo Ball head and Trexo Phone Holder. *

Tech Specs

Size (LxWxH):

550mm x 48mm x 55.5mm (21.6" x 1.91 x 2.2") - Slider XL V2
326mm x 48mm x 55.5mm (12.8" x 1.91 x 2.2") - Slider V2

Operating Length:

40 cm / 16" - Slider XL V2
25cm / 9.8" - Slider V2

Load Capacity Horizontal:

8 kg / 15 lbs - Slider XL V2
5 kg / 11 lbs - Slider V2

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