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Comes in Two Sizes

Introducing Trexo Slider XL, the bigger sibling of Trexo Slider an ultimate motion control tool designed to take your creative vision to new lengths. With an extended travel length of 38.5cm(15.1"), Slider XL empowers you to capture the bigger picture and unlock a new world of possibilities. Compatible with Mirrorless, DSLR, and smartphones, it offers a high load capacity for seamless horizontal and vertical operations. Powerful, and versatile, Slider XL is the essential companion for photographers and filmmakers alike. Elevate your storytelling and bring your creative vision to life with the unmatched capabilities of Trexo Slider XL.

Learning Mode

Select learning mode and release the torque on the motors, then simply move the system freely and select your starting and finishing points, now you can move the slider between these two points without using a mobile device.

360 Shots at Their Best With Various Styles

While you can perform circular movement around any object you want with Trexo Wheels, you can also easily perform 360 degrees product shots and videos using the Turntable kit. You can either use the Turntable kit on a flat surface or on a tripod which will give you the freedom to shoot wherever you want. Turntable kit comes with black and white base plates for different setups.


Trexo Slider comes with the Timelapse feature so you can turn linear or multipoint paths to timelapse instantly, without dealing with any annoying calculations.

Super Slow & Incline Mode

Take Trexo Slider to incline mode directly from the onboard menu and make Trexo Slider perform incline/vertical shots. You can activate the super slow mode and the incline mode directly from the onboard menu.

Use Standalone with Onboard Menu

Trexo Slider can be operated with its on board menu. You can program a movement via by teaching the slider start and stop points by teaching it or setting from the menu. You can also program incline and loop actions directly from the on board menu.

2 Different Motion

Circular Motion

Trexo Wheels revolutionizes your filming experience by offering an intuitive solution for creating perfect circular tracks around any focal point of your choice. Forget about complicated measurements; our straightforward path creation wizard guides you effortlessly to craft your desired curved trajectory. Once set, pinpoint multiple locations along the track for Trexo Wheels to navigate, enabling you to capture dynamic parallax shots with ease.

Linear Motion

This system simplifies the creation of straight paths, eliminating the need for complex setup or precise measurements. The intuitive path-setting feature allows you to effortlessly design a direct route, perfect for achieving smooth, steady shots in a straight line. With the capability to mark specific points along the path, Trexo Wheels offers precision control, ideal for creating dynamic tracking shots or time-lapse sequences.

Just Set It and Forget It

Trexo Wheels comes with the Timelapse feature so you can turn linear, circular or multipoint paths to timelapse instantly, without dealing with any annoying calculations.

Extend Your Shooting Time

Trexo Slider has built-in battery with can operate continuously for 6 hours, and also possible to extend the battery life by simply connecting a power bank which is perfect for long Timelapse shots. So it’s possible to extend your shooting time with a universal solution.

Ultra Versatile Operability

Horizontal - Vertical - Inclined

Trexo Slider can perform 90 degree vertical shots with any mirrorless camera on the market! And have the fastest motor which can move as fast as 2,5cm per second. You can also take Trexo Slider on incline mode and perform incline shots with heavier setups.

Presets Anytime Anywhere

Opens new horizons on visual effects, so now have the motion control feature anytime anywhere. Just record a movement and share your favorite camera motion with any of your friends, or use it on your next production.

Control Wheels

Another new feature on the Trexo Wheels is, you can now teach Trexo Wheels a route by using the Joystick. You can record linear/circular or combined movement up to 2 minutes and repeat the same movement as much as you want.

New Turntable Mode

Trexo Wheels new app brings the new turntable mode for more user-friendly and enhanced experience.

Dragon Frame Stopmotion Software Compatible

Trexo Wheels now compatible with the Dragon Frame software, top notch stop motion animation software.

Sophisticated Paths Like No Other

Using camera path mode, you can define several key points to create sophisticated camera movement with the help of integrated image processing technology. Use straight, curved segments or a combination of both for multi point paths just in seconds.

Dragonframe Motion Control Software Integration

For professional stop motion animations, you can use the Dragonframe software and unleash the full potential of 3-Axis Motion Control for your stopmotion animation projects.


Quality of Life Features

These features let you have a smooth and hassle-free experience with the Trexo Slider V2.

Quick Link

Holding down the circle button on all devices will link them together and the ReVo modules will get assigned Pan/Tilt functions automatically depending on their orientation.

Position Correction

If you accidentally knock the slider off position, the system will automatically return to its original position.

Over The Air Updates

Trexo Slider V2 firmware can be updated for added functionality directly via the Trexo Slider app without needing any cables or additional software.

Tech Specs

Size (L x W x H)

7.9" x 2.95" x 1.58"
200 mm x 75 mm x 40 mm

Max Speed

0.98 inch/sec (25 mm/sec)

Min Speed

0.027 inch/sec (0.7 mm/sec)

Load Capacity

5.9 lbs (2.7kg)

Turntable Size

7.5" (190 mm)


3250 mAh Li-Ion

App Compatibility

iOS 11.0 or later & Android 5.0 or later

Accessory Ports

2 x 1/4"-20

Battery Life

4 hours on move 12 hours on standby

Time to Full Charge

2 hours


CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components.

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