Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can you place a handheld Gimbal and a Smartphone on top of the Trexo Wheels?

Yes, We have demonstrated this use case in our video. You can attach any accessory which has 1/4" connection port.

Does the Trexo Wheels have variable speed option?

Yes, Trexo Wheels is fully motion controlled. You can set desired distance duration and acceleration which controls the speed for the movement you want to do.

Can you connect a Battery pack to extend usage time whilst using it?

While it is technically possible, initially we decided to not activate this function to prevent sub par powerbanks and power supplies to affect Trexo Wheels' stability during movement. Since we have been getting this question a lot, We decided to put option as an opt-in in our app. Settings this option will enable you to use Trexo Wheels with external power supply, but will not guarantee smoothness and stability while you are on external power.

Is the battery interchangeable? So for extended shooting you can take a few spares?

No, battery is swappable. But it is user servicable when your battery degrades over years like any other battery operated product. Also a 30 minute charge will last around 2 hours on set.

On a straight line how far can it go?

The battery will last for 2km/1.5 miles on a single charge. Trexo Wheels can move 200m in a single movement right now :)

When you put it up on a tripod can the camera turn and film 360° or less ?

Yes, this is possible with our turntable that is included in the kit. Turntable now includes extra 1/4" connection port on top for your camera.

Would be interesting to see a tilt option that could be programmed ?

We are working on different add-ons for Trexo Wheels, however our first priority is fulfill the orders of our backers. We have no doubt to surprise you with our next projects.

What is the minimum or slowest the unit can travel?

Minimum speed is 0,625mm/s (37.5cm/m , 14.7inch/m)

What is the smallest movement increment? I'm curious if this will be usable for macro stereoscopic, lenticular or focus stacking photography?

Smallest increment is 1cm/0.4inches at the moment. This is only a design choice of the App and not a hard limitation.

Is there inbuilt protection to stop it driving off the table by accident?

We recommend Trexo Wheel users to keep their camera in sight while operating the Trexo Wheels which will be very important for the quality of their framing and also for the security of their camera. There are no sensors to detect the table and the borders.

What is the noise level?

10dB. Incredibly silent. Even if you put trexo wheels up to your ear, you will not hear it.

What is the turning radius of Trexo, i.e. what is the smallest diameter circle can be programmed?

You can program Trexo Wheels to turn on a radius from 0cm(which will practically spin on it's center axis) to 1000 meters.

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Download Application

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Trexo Wheels User Manual Videos

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