Trexo Ball Head

Trexo Ball Head is designed to carry DSLR’s, Mirrorless Cameras, Smartphones and accessories up to 2.2 Kg.

Trexo Ball Head has 1/4"-20 female on bottom and 1/4"-20 male on top, which can be mounted on the Trexo Slider and Trexo Wheels. Trexo Ball Head can rotate 360 degrees for positioning your camera/accessory in the best position.

The locking mechanism of the Trexo Ball Head helps you tighten the system in the desired position in very high torque. With the help of the design Trexo Ball Head helps you place your camera/accessory in 90 degrees/portrait mode as well.

Trexo Ball Head comes with the rubber pad on top so your camera/accessory can be mounted securely.

Ball Head

Ball Head


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